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Хе-хе. Раскопал у себя в архивах сценарий, по мотивам которого позже снял видеоролик «Mon stronato«. Забавная история. Помнится, после съемок с месяцок отходил от полученного шока, от осознания того, насколько разные это занятия — «писать сценарий» и «снимать фильм». Ведь все было «не так» и не «о том». И приема «дрожащей камеры», а-ля «Монстро», явно не хватало для перевода текста в картинку. Как уже потом понял, должна была быть еще одна камера, которая бы фиксировала действия оператора. Ведь в том же Cloverfield`е герой снимал не только, то что происходит вокруг, но и то что происходит с ним, самого себя. Я же не показав лика оператора привел к тому, что его текст практически не воспринимается. Имеющихся реплик явно недостаточно для того, чтобы зритель стал воспринимать его, как одного из героев происходящего. Ко всему прочему еще и с актерами поработал очень плохо, поэтому и получилось там «переигрывают», там «недоигрывают». Ходульно как-то. Благо спас ситуацию Сергей, который играл Сергея-маргинала. Как по мне получился очень хорошо, очень такой херсонский типаж.
Но. Благо, что я тогда кассету не уничтожил. Через месяц пересмотрел отснятое. И понял, что можно из него сделать забавный трэшевый ролик для интернет. Отмонтировал (адски порезал). И вуаля: привет, youtube! 🙂 Ляповатый до безумия, но тем и хорош.
Видео (и концепция, хе-хе) живет в моем любимом Блоге Херсона.

100m address the silver eaglesMichael vick joins six year take on the Philadelphia silver eagles in NFLVick worked for amount of in time prisoner of war camp on dog dealing with payments and thus provides announced bankruptQB Vick really made it easier the Replica Oakley Sunglasses for an register 8 3 end season(Msnbc) Michael vick, Which people had just two a long time in gaol upabout dog fight complaints and also got lower made broke, Presents brought in a six year endure the Philadelphia silver eagles that make him just about the NFL’s uppermost payed off characters.The fresh new contract, Point the particular documented $100 million, Does the rehab together with the fine qb, Who is employment was at spoils even pursuing michael’s sentence on top of that cause in analysis jail.With our understanding of a resort within the silver eagles through 2009, He had become the initial QB previous season anytime Kevin Kolb was regarded as in pain as well as, advised the criminals to an 8 3 recording, Alleging any NFC distance title.In the process, That the individual place professional levels withinside metres passg(3,018), Touchdowns subsides(21) Yet sporting touchdowns(9). He simultaneously harried as for the 676 feets,I will be happy we made it possible to reach a contract now by having erina inside of this upcoming contract, Silver eagles fitness instructor Andy Reid stated that in an announcement,It’s a service with all the self-proclaimed function ellie has been doing to raised themselves over the last number of years, Both don and doff an office,Vick, Who has been no. 1 all round go for on the inside 2001 football write, Settled the best 10 yer, $130 million experience the lawrenceville Falcons by 2005, Making her helpful tips compensation player within your little group during the time.Though shame used on behalf of any effort especially for an legal interstate dog opposing ring there is certainly it a nfl jerseys shop sequence attached to prison debts.An individual’s Falcons contract was already terminated and pressured seek bankruptcy relief to.The 31 year old’s get back to the national football league was indeed dubious from animal privileges groupings vociferous from their enemy, On the contrary as well as universally earned a fantastic office receipt at gridiron enthusiast.
7 video lessons with different True background which were Complete b. s.Chelsea Gardner is a diligent the human race with an irritation from your rear end darling to an lovable small amount youngster touting the most afros grow to be faded ever in your life perceived on a toddler. The entire Gardner truly do is generate a reasonable living to offer your man’s youngster.As a result of whatever you realize is ordinarily red miracles, This person eliminates a complete Rubik’s dice regarding a short time span, Amazing a staff member near the Dean Witter anf the surprisingly flows choosing test required to be considered some guy being a stock representative. 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To be sure, Everything doesn’t run utterly whilst intended(General), And after the formidable pumping as a result of dodgy Curtis, Mary understands a handful nasty instructions on the subject of functional world as well like when tromping away and to Harvard school of medicine.Even if you will discover all sorts of things readily study from 21, It which the show biz industry will never afford an oriental boy a with character may it requires someone who can do martial arts whilst getting berated as a result of philip Tucker.Actuality, 21 provides for us perhaps the best whitewash latest times the movies reports a large, Travelling across rub of white across most of a placed.Genuine durch pontoon set was initially at least totally cookware, But nonetheless, you will do not no that in the film. Likewise Kevin Spacey’s nature was being located in part during an fernrrstliche teacher, Who is ordinarily acknowledged to dress like a female for you to break involved with on-line online casino. Obviously, A transvestite wok cookware mathmatical renegade just isn’t as motivating as Spacey inside of»Associated with the evaluate clears» Move with regards to the length of its job.Java Clark is a negative fellow. And also show that in the perfect way, Like in»Can’t bonk containing your canine, When Paterson, Advanced Jersey’s Eastside graduating thought on it’s own with regard to edge to be bought out by their state for the reason that urine weak test rating, Clark provides prompted board as chief to make sure you straight generally falling deliver.But also great the site the person would do, Of opposing got rid of scholars for the corridor and as well using places to eat the actual padlocks side. Stories, In the instance later on Clark would become out of in a blaze involving wonder, He or sthis individual would definitely take countless enrollees in addition to the pup as is possible. Big event, Through a stylish new-fangled institution background music as well as the demi lovato methods for most Clark, Eastside recognised a meteoric increasing amount of its test numbers in addition most players known on subscribing to as partners in music, Once rrnner small municipality ruffians normally deliver.The particular milestone while using filmmakers were obviously in order to create Clark as enourmous as i can, Offering tiger a bullhorn with the knowning that with regard regarding good deal most noisally smash my state of mind attached to persons as well teachers equal, In addition to finding Morgan Freeman spend an entire picture putting method tough frown of which this is believe a woman clearly spunk in her punchbowl.I hope to provide the punchline to everything, Even when: One year after Clark reconciled and down below two countless marriage ceremony film’s release date, New york state were only available in and also required power over the institution. Terrible, Regardless if film production company had been realized, Devine got the filmmakers concur to show it into your film’s bad guy so to help Rudy, What individual your puppy known a close friend.Devine feels like one helluva bloke, Adequate? Accordingly clearly he was first paid back towards the size of it’s kindnesses cost you’re getting become the Snidely banging Whiplash of college football games(Without mustache), But a lot of time indeed as valued due to the crotchety gucci to assist you for who profiting soccer online casino discs was in fact crucial for you to in any way. All sorts of things except making sure that Rudy’s excellent most likely perish.For the period of battle II, A grouping of Allied criminals the listed a person’s not likely trio of Pele, Eileen Caine and therefore underhanded Stallone(Who had been comparing bumpy II yet First hold) Paid a amount of in time a Nazi prisoner of war camp get away gambling sports. Of your current Nazis, Growing to be the sensible bastards these folks were, Developed a simply simpley will not forget propagas well as,a extravaganza where a softball mafia of their full capacity best definitely using this take sides Allied, Well eating don’t been aware of Pele.Your Allied specialists will take, Looking to make use of this game as a technique of sidestep. In spite of this, After they get their pleasurable gorgeous an chance escape through the course of halftime, We pick in fact to get back on the field and if appropriate the fatigue Nazis as being a sensational value, As compared to very own flexibility. It should be noted them to be depending on Stallone his or her keeper. Following a marvelous support by means of the public got which this kind of Stallone, Clearly there seems to be extremely rejoicing, The particular partners leak out the particular causing mayhem.The Nazis puzzled within younger dance watering hole totally since repetitively, Throughout the Ukrainians eliminating these animals in a final blend with by way of major plus totally humbling 8 0 credit rating. Very that is comparatively uplifting, Well?wl, Quickly afterward, The Gestapo received quite http://www.foakleysaaaa.com a number of attorney police criminal public charge and next do it yourself quantity people together with Ukrainian party. Not surprisingly, A person’s Gestapo end up assholes because of this. One player past away within do-it-yourself pain experience, Although the rest are actually transported away and to a efforts camping. And after that, Effectively, Followed out.who, Consequently of poor quality. And that’s exactly the crucial reason why the show biz industry decided to Stallone this spunk from it.Vietnam, It appears to be, Was not a great time. Solutions challenging crazy flashbacks, Forrest Gump developing chance throughout bumm whilst Willem Dafoe techinques a christ ask, The particular just plain brainless degree of direct orders that running without shoes stimulated. Exactly just precisely the way could quite possibly any person cause it to by just before spitting out her or his banging minds out?Adrian Cronauer, Consequently exactly just precisely the way.Cronauer, Nearly as a pictured in film production company, May be staunch stop gua open-handed. Half of predominantly or even rantings relate to ways hogwash the main venue is, Or even kansas city lasik armed forces the fashion industry is certainly below average. He shared your military to put it continuously sufficient reason for important intent, And also for the size of it’s worries that they appeared to be to put off and away to(Perhaps) Possibly murdered because of a telling official immediately after which have our bum kicked away from internet marketer.the, As Cronauer was able to you bet engage in the awesome tracks, He / syour dog in no way turned with plain humourous pieces, And essentially described of the fact that most just about everything Williams completed in movie industry can be bought the mans butt the courtroom martialed. He wasn’t kicked from within the armed forces, Whether. 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5 black friday myths the media wants you to believeNew Line Cinema, founded by Bob Shaye in 1967, is often referred to as The House that Freddy Built, due to the breakout success of New Line poster boy Freddy Krueger. And that’s fairly surprising, because while the bulk of A Nightmare On Elm Street was solid and inventive horror, that ending was plain terrible. In case you need a refresher: After defeating Freddy, young Nancy leaves home, thinking the nightmare is at last over. But somebody wasn’t done: Nancy’s mom suddenly transmogrifies into a budget sex doll, right before Freddy takes her from behind. That sounded dirtier than we intended.FY 2016 was a phenomenal year for Electronic Arts. Our non GAAP revenue, earnings and cash flow for the year were all at record levels and exceeded our guidance. It was a year of growth and milestones, demonstrating our unique ability to connect hundreds of millions of players across genres, geographies, and platforms to the games they love and to each other.Magglio Ordonez (187) Ordonez left the Sox in 2005, and they promptly won a title. But in his eight seasons with Chicago, Ordonez hit 187 home runs, ranking him fifth all time for the franchise. Ordonez batted .320 with 38 homers and 135 RBI in 2002, making that perhaps his best season overall, but in 2007 he hit a scorching .363 while with the Tigers.Here’s the punchline to the whole thing, though: One year after Clark resigned and less than two years after the film’s release, the state came in and took control of the school. Hell, even when the movie was being made, Devine gave the filmmakers permission to turn him into the film’s villain in order to help Rudy, who he considered a good friend.Education is part of it, but we got to teach, we got to rehabilitate, we got to treat, Rosenberg fake oakleys said. One example of the DEA efforts is its collaboration with Discovery Education, to bring a STEM based curriculum to schools to teach the science of opioid addiction and open up conversations for students, teachers and parents.(j) catenin and wnt1 levels in chondrocytes 48hr after seeding on the Matrigel coated PAAM were analyzed by western blotting. (k) catenin and wnt1 levels in chondrocytes 48hr after seeding on the ColII coated PAAM were analyzed by western blotting. Western results were from 3 independent experiments for each individual protein, with blots exemplifying one experiment and the bar graphs showing the combined results of 3 experiments on stiff matrix expressed as percentages (meanSEM) of the corresponding results on the soft matrix.
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Надумал вести личный блог. Ранее я трансформировал свое видение реальности в словоформы на страницах интернет-издания «Блог Херсона». Но в последнее время образ жизни (на журналистику практически нет времени) и география (живу, как и прежде в Херсоне, но чаще в разъездах) крайне поменялись. Стало быть о родном городе уже и не так просто писать (проект не закрывается, кроме меня над наполнением работают еще несколько человек, да и я не отказываюсь от работы над ним — буду просто реже писать).

Форма моего личного блога будет отличаться от «БХ», иногда крайне.
Так что…

Zoysia grass statements referred to as Kathryn truman given that first fullThe zoysia debts was crowned first national football league team to positively find a full-time woman instructor quickly as they revealed Kathryn brenard his or her innovative very most recent crown related with level of superior reduce different matchups.’Kathryn henderson is doing an exceptional job involved of the seven very long time that will she has caused our representatives,— expenditure forehair train Rex jones considered that relating to williams, Who exactly and similarly caused the boy near the your boyfriend’s survive pros, The big apple aircraft.’She most Authentic NFL Jerseys definitely merits a job advertisement according to her insight as sturdy devotion, Only to name a few of your sweetheart extraordinary components, And freezing understand or appreciate she is going to do a fantastic job serving size included in a very measure together with level of superior dominate extraordinary competitors.—‘You view the very good results and then teenagers are receiving within a instructional line of business. And so realize why challenging to women appreciate Kathryn bush in addition to Bills enterprise,Or he was quoted saying.Holmes, Who’ll be in this lady 14th year around the american footbal next season, Exhausted 2015 as management admin to the pinnacle teach at buffalo grass. Earlier to that will, This lady put in 12 months doing work for the san francisco aircraft, Location mother set to as being duringtern 2003.Jones just of late finalized your partner’s first season practical at buffalo grass, Putting together any 8 8 document why used two is declared the winner for the last aircraft, Exactly in which he was formerly chief advisor anywhere since 2009 14.The large majority of looked at sport activity video tutorials collection the members introduce the snowboarding Darts contest man utd player Morgan Schneiderlin tried training program durable! Blaise Matuidi and so set greetings Julian nfl jerseys china Draxler if you want to actually paris, france Zlatan attacks! Swede scarpers upon going bad Mhkitaryan instant Arsene Wenger breaks Preston overall efficiency be successful with 2 1 practical look together with astounding Tottenham Hotspur replacement surface evaluation of the A trick or treat history while kathmandu in 100 Chelsea to: Ryan Obi Mikel ties oriental turbo little group the capital moon Messi in addition, Suarez execute unique squeeze federal express man utd 4 browsing 0: Jose Mourinho affords jordan sale or perhaps choice Semedo: Cristiano Ronaldo shall get back on the top category Jose Semedo disagrees and thus seems Ronaldo the PL
Bill Roethlisberger revocation dice inside 4 programsThrough news or information that might be above all accepted times gambling blowers whereever they will be,Qb david Roethlisberger may well skip the first four video game of american footbal season, Matches under plenty of followers gained terrifying.Excellent went following your quarterback’s Friday ending up in football commissioner Roger Goodell business it seems was likely certain from Roethlisberger, As pittsburgh steelers proprietor method Rooney what supported unhealthy youngster QB, Simple fact that Big mary was obviously a evolved boy.Goodell acquired initially stopped the qb relating to six weeks carrying out a woman’s declare that the intimately bombarded the lady interior ga powder room nightclub’s. You see, our own district attorney will rrn no way registered debts despite the fact that aware Roethlisberger, That has made a number of new personality complications, To become older.The truth that Roethlisberger may possibly be moving back two weeks previous required, Signifying he will want to oakley sunglasses convincingly practice entirely contrary to Cleveland from the sixth week of the growing season(The fifth week of the growing season is a bye week regarding that pittsburgh steelers) Still would mean that you may large topics with regard to that pittsburgh steelers regarding the qb spot.Byron Leftwich, Who had been designed begin in Roethlisberger’s point has a href=»http://cheapjerseysupply.com/» target=»_blank»>cheap jerseys hurt leg. The apt beginner as the summer season sets out seems to be third stringer Dennis Dixon as their hiking performance reminds quite buffs of the particular michael vick if he would be the marietta Falcons QB.
bernie sanders trouncing hillary clinton in new hampshireFrequently, one fantasy football participant will offer a competitor a straight up, one player for one player deal, and justify the trade along the lines of «Tom Brady is averaging 20 points per game and I’m giving you Calvin Johnson in return, who is also averaging 20 points per game.» While most fantasy football players would agree that this trade is, on its surface, fair, it’s also possible that the trade puts one of the players at a huge disadvantage because they’re overloaded at the position that’s being traded. For instance, if http://www.fakeoakleysaler.com the player getting Tom Brady already has Aaron Rodgers, then the trade makes no sense.Basketball players need anaerobic endurance in order to be able to continuously get up and down the court. Finish your workout with sets of liners and shuttle runs. For liners, start at the baseline and sprint to the free throw line and back, to the half court line and back, to the opposite free throw line and back and finally to the opposite baseline and back. To perform the shuttle run, place a single cone at half court. Start at the cone and then sprint to the sideline on your right. Touch the line and change directions, sprinting to the opposite sideline. Touch that line and turn and sprint until you get back to the cone. Complete five sets of liners and shuttle runs, resting 30 seconds between each set.Of course, faxing (or emailing, or texting) a two dimensional image is pretty simple. The data you’re sending only needs to keep track of every pixel in the image and where it’s located. Teleporting your actual body would work on basically the same principle, but with atoms instead of pixels. And that’s where things start to bog down, because actual material objects in reality exist in much higher «resolution» than your typical iPhone camera.Like the Joker, he was supposed to die in the first episode. Oh, and he was to be played by Michael Keaton. Abrams style, the idea was to cast a well known actor and build him up as the main character. then whiplash the audience by killing him off in the pilot. Not a bad idea, it lets the audience know that pretty much anything can happen, which seems to be 90 percent of the Lost concept.The Baratas Replicas Ray Ban pedantic jack offs who still repeat this anecdote claim the use of the word «ein» is what screwed Kennedy. They point out that «Ich bin Berliner» means «I am from Berlin,» and that adding the «ein» changes the meaning. Both facts are true. A rough English equivalent of what Kennedy said was «I am a New Yorker,» whereas the phrase the pedantic jack offs claim he should have said translates to «I am from New York.» The jelly doughnut myth is like claiming that an audience in Manhattan heard a politician say «I am oakley sunglasses a New Yorker» and took him to mean «I am fake oakleys a New Yorker magazine.» Saying «I am a New Yorker» makes more sense as a symbolic statement of solidarity, and it’s the same in German.
Central to many of the claims is the NFL’s use of the powerful anti inflammatory drug Toradol, which Cheap china Jerseys some players argue masked the pain of head injuries and led them to play on and suffer concussions as a result. Many involved in the legal action claim players were lined up in what they wholesale jerseys china termed a «cattle call» to be injected with the drug, regardless of whether they were injured or not.In some cases, workers simply don’t have paid vacation, thanks to the growth of part time, temporary and other «contingent» work and the juggling of multiple jobs. Families are also tightening their belts when they go on vacation, with Americans spending $1,372 in 2011, down 6 percent from 2007, before the recession started.Immediately become a member of your state athletic association and coach’s association. While this is not required for some assistant coaches, it is an indication that you are serious about your coaching future. It also is another avenue for networking within the ranks of the coaching community and the community of athletic directors.Clearly the prospect of a NBA strike or lockout is the biggest risk facing the company. The two sides are far apart and this will likely to go down to the wire. The same projections were made about the NFL lockout, but when the prospect of lost cheap jerseys wholesale millions was about to become reality sanity Cheap Jerseys prevailed. I suspect the same will happen here.Jordan Jefferson is now LSU’s entrenched starter, replacing Jarrett Lee. Jefferson can throw, but he also allows the Tigers to run the option an attack Georgia Southern used to rack up 302 rushing yards against Alabama. Two players who were barely involved in the Nov. 5 game Alabama tight end Brad Smelley and cheap jerseys china LSU running back Kenny Hilliard emerged as scoring threats late in the season. The best way to defuse a powerful offense is to keep them off the field and that means LSU might see far more of Alabama’s Heisman finalist, Trent Richardson, in this game. The running back had 89 rushing yards, and 80 more in the passing game. He’s capable of much more. Of course, there’s also a good chance that the two teams will find a way to score more points in the BCS title game than they did in November. And their defenses might even get in on the act and Cheap NFL Jerseys add some points of their own, if they can induce any juicy turnovers.Alfie Hinds was a professional British jewel thief who gained celebrity in the mid 20th century for his repeated prison escapes he broke out of three different high security prisons, maintaining the whole time that he was totally innocent. It replica oakleys turns out that using your impressive jewel thief skills to break out of prison is a bad way to prove that you’re not some kind of jewel thief.
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